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Rainy Lake Guided Fishing Trips Pricing / Packages

Two Adults
Full Day (8 Hrs)

two walleye.jpg

$600 + Fuel & Bait
($550 Six Hr. Option)

Three Adults
Full Day (8 Hrs)

Three Guests Full Day Trip

$700 + Fuel & Bait
($650 Six Hr. Option)

Four Adults
Full Day (8 Hrs)

Four Guests Full Day Trip

$800 + Fuel & Bait
($750 Six Hr. Option)

Full Day Info:

  • Eight hours of fishing is typically considered a full day.  Generally from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  We can do an early or later start time depending on your situation.

  • Includes fish cleaning and packaging. 

  • All fishing gear such as rods and tackle are provided.  If you have your own rods or fishing gear you would like to use, please feel free to bring it.  However, my gear is quality and is specifically set up for the fishing that we do on Rainy Lake.  

  • Kids 12 and under fish free.

  • Please bring your own lifejackets for kids to be worn as per Minnesota and/or Canadian life jacket law.

  • Coast guard Type II life jackets are available.  You may bring your own if you so choose.

  • Shorelunch is available when planned for in advance.  See more shorelunch information below.

  • Fuel and bait are an additional charge agreed to be evened up at the end of the fishing day.  This is standard practice on Rainy Lake.  The distance to fish locations varies greatly depending on time of year, weather, and fish patterns.  This allows your guide to be flexible in his ability to travel to the best fishing locations on any given day.  Bait is much the same.  Location, patterns and time of year often dictate what type and how much bait is needed.  

  • $100 deposit is required to hold a date.  This is nonrefundable, but can be put toward a future trip within the current or following summer fishing season.  You can make you're down payment via PayPal, Venmo, or Check.

Two Adults
Half Day (4 Hrs)

walleye two.jpg

$400 + Fuel & Bait

Three Adults
Half Day (4 Hrs)

Three Guests Half Day Trip

$475 + Fuel & Bait

Four Adults
Half Day (4 Hrs)

Four Guests Half Day Trip

$550 + Fuel & Bait

Half Day Information

  • Shorelunch for a half day is not an option.

  • All other details are the same as a full day.  See full day information above.  

Shorelunch Option

  • $20 per plate.

  • Must be planned in advance.

  • Fun and tasty addition to any fishing trip.

  • A chance to stretch your legs and experience more of Voyagers National Park.

  • Walleye always tastes best fresh.

  • Plan for shoreluch taking about 1 1/2 hours. 

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