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How to Plan a Great Rainy Lake Guided Fishing Trip

What To Bring

  • Dress for the forecast.  Always bring a warm layer (top & bottom).

  • Raingear (tops & bottoms).

  • Brimmed hat.

  • Sunglasses (polarized is preferred).  

  • Rods and tackle if you want to use your own.

  • Beverages (plenty of water if it is forecasted to be hot).

  • Lifejackets if you have kids or for yourself if you prefer.

  • Camera

Questions for you to Answer?

  • What fishing package are you selecting (full day) (half day)?

  • What do you want to fish for? (see info below)

  • Will you be fishing Minnesota Waters or Ontario?

  • Will you want to cook shorelunch?

  • How many people are in your party?

  • Where will I pick you up on the morning of your trip?

  • How will we be accepting your payment?  Deposits can be taken through check, Venmo and PayPal.  On the day of the trip we accept check or cash.  

What Species Do we fish for in rainy lake?


WALLEYE .... are the bread and butter of Rainy Lake.  They are in most opinions the best eating fish and the target species of most outings.  Rainy Lake boasts a completely natural world class walleye fishery that speaks for itself.  From mid-May when season opens to well after the lake is frozen over, sportsman and sportswomen can be found fishing Rainy Lake with walleye on the menu.       

Black Crappie .... Crappies are quite simply a blast to catch.  Spring and early summer crappies are often caught with slip bobbers and trolling techniques with summer patterns lending themselves to deeper vertical jigging methods.  Several different areas of the lake hold great populations of crappie.  Crappie are as good to eat as they are fun to catch.               

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass .... Rainy Lake boasts a great smallmouth fishery.  Early season casting to spawning locations can have great results.  Plastics, topwater, twitch baits and even fly fishing methods all have their moments depending on the situation.  Rainy Lake is home to miles of bassy shoreline to explore.  The great thing is, most bass presentations also catch other gamefish as well, so a bass fishing day is often a multispecies experience.  

Northern Pike .... On Rainy Lake these predators have a history of growing to that magical 40" mark and larger.  May and early June are probably the best bet to catch a fish of that caliber while casting.  In later summer, trolling large plugs at depth is typically the go-to method.  Rainy Lake also boasts great populations of small to midrange pike that can be a blast to catch. 


Musky ...... Rainy Lake is a true Canadian shield musky experience.  Rainy can produce opportunities that rival any of the traditional Canadian destinations.  Specifying that you're coming to fish for Muskie is critical when you book your trip.  

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